Steel City Pictures

Uncanny Apocalypse is the cinematic anthology of the year. This film is the follow up to the innovative idea of DeWitt Jones’s first anthology “Uncanny” 2012. These three explosive stories about the strangest town in Americana, told by film directors DeWitt Jones and Bobby M Peoples Sr, brings more of the macabre of America’s weirdest town.



The first segment has Uncanny facing a record breaking freeze in late May, which shuts the town down. There is a brilliant engineer, Aaron Jordan, which unlocks the mathematical and scientific enigmas of legendary inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla, by harnessing energy at no cost. However this great achievement draws an evil cult to his home to secure his discovery of clean energy for their own devious plots to threaten peace around the world starting with destroying the three largest monotheistic faiths: Christianity, Judaism and Islam to start.


“A King’s Pride”

The second segment is a tragic tale of Harry Barzini, an arrogant, avaricious and covetous millionaire who takes everything that he sees, till he is exposed by a spiritual force that slowly takes his power away revealing the weak human he really is; only through his humility is he able to see and readjust the errors of his ways.


“The Monster of Elmore Forest”

The third and final segment concludes with two young boys Andy and Jerry Strader and their older college student sister Maxine discovering a ghastly beast while walking in the Elmore Forest of Uncanny PA. This beast finds an interest in Maxine as part of a bigger nefarious plot. The three have to discard their superstitions of monsters that hunt us in our nightmares and face the real monster in front of them.