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DeWitt Jones, CEO, Film Director, Screenwriter, Film Producer

DeWitt is a man with an impeccable vision, and commitment for the cinematic arts. His grandiose cinematic storytelling crosses between big budget Hollywood and thought provoking independent cinema. This type of writing style brilliantly bridges the two mediums together that displays a campfire storytelling that consumes our consciences and leaves us with valuable images that will pass down through generations to come.

DeWitt was born in the projects of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania during the summer of 1971. DeWitt always had a passion for the arts since birth. His passion was given confidence when his mother took him to see George Lucas' Star Wars during the summer of 77. This film had such a significant impact of his life; immediately after the film his mother and father helped his plight for his new found movie love. His first stop was the library reading the works of established filmmakers such as Oscar Micheaux, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Brian DePalma, Gordon Parks, Melvin Van Peebles, Rod Serling to name a few.

The two filmmakers that captured his vision the most were the works of Rod Serling and Alfred Hitchcock. The bizarre and mysterious always attracted him. He loves cinema mayhem when the hero has the worst luck and is thrown in incredible circumstances.

When DeWitt was 16 he had his chance to experience storytelling with cameras. His best friend's dad had a brand new expensive camcorder which, DeWitt pleaded with his friend’s dad to make his first film. His first film was a martial arts comedic homage to Hollywood Shuffle, Enter the Dragon, and I'm Gonna Get You Sucka. He gathered all the boys and girls in the neighborhood and shot at his dream since childhood. The film was a disaster and was never completed. DeWitt's passion never died. He took that love to the military. During the Desert Storm tour is when he discovered his signature and vision. After the war he purchased video equipment and made short films for the soldiers for money. He left the Army, and entered film school at Point Park College. Point Park College and Pittsburgh Filmmakers is where DeWitt was saturated with film history and theory discovering the theoretical experts of Andre' Bazin, Sergei M. Eisenstein, Oscar Micheaux, and Orson Welles. These artists' accomplishments helped develop his unusual signature that comes across every film.

A few years after film school, life and family he received his first job on a full length feature film as a cinematographer on film director Bobby People’s drama “The Black Love Stories Vol 1.” This film would be the start of a great brotherhood and partnership between DeWitt Jones and Bobby Peoples. DeWitt would go on to photograph one more film “Partly Cloudy” before the studio TPN1 (now officially called TPN) hired him to write and direct his first film, which was an action horror film called “Night of the Jackals.” This film would display all of his witty, and intelligent writing and directing style with sly humor. The film was a critical success but not financially impressive. He went on to photograph three more projects for TPN: the heart pounding domestic violence thriller “For Thy Love II ‘Love Hurts’”, the webisode political thriller “Money Power Respect”, and the soap opera “Love Atlanta Style.”

DeWitt would shortly break from TPN to create his own film company Steel City Pictures, with a psychological Christian Sci-Fi thriller called “Uncanny” which he wrote, directed, and produced. Even though the film was a critical success, it was not well received due to abstract “Twin Peaks” style of thriller in a “Any Town USA” arena. However Uncanny would spark a trilogy that would give him his best cinematic achievement to date, the mind warping thriller “IMagine.” DeWitt Jones stated that this film was the hardest film he has ever done. He intentionally tried to create the most difficult thriller where the audience would be imprisoned by their own fear and imagination. This is a formula that Alfred Hitchcock, and Brian DePalma exercised religiously. DeWitt closely followed the same formula and created a breakout hit. Critics are praising “IMagine” as a firestorm of unpredictable loops and swirls.  

DeWitt Jones is currently in pre-production on a children’s action adventure called “The Uncanny Marauders” which will close up the “Uncanny” trilogy. He also wrote the sequel to the action adventure Vargas “Death Commenth” called Vargas “Illegal Business” which is scheduled for production this summer.

DeWitt Jones’ imagination is endless. Therefore he has no signs of slowing down. He will still push out great films of wonder, excitement, and fun through his company Steel City Pictures. He currently lives in Morrow Georgia with his wife and six children.



Terri Jones CO-Owner, Film Producer

About the Studio Manager

Terri is a remarkable educator in the South Fulton County Georgia education system. She has made tremendous strides towards the educational development of the children. She married DeWitt Jones and brought forth her creative, and strategic skills to the development of family friendly educational projects. She spear headed Steel City Edutainment Project and oversees projects produced by Steel City Pictures.