Screenplay and Teleplay pricing

about the characters, about the story, about the situation.

     -Walter Hill screenwriter for "Alien" "48 Hours" "The Warriors"


Steel City Pictures will passionately help get the idea or story out of your head with as much accuracy as possible. DeWitt Jones is a professional studio screenwriter and film director who have had screenplays published and made into films.


Film Shorts (1 to 40 pages) Starting price is: $200.00. The charges can inflate in the event research, or outline work is needed to build the validity of your story or if the story have to be constructed from nothing. The price can stay at $200 depending on how detailed your outline is.


Full Length Feature Screenplays: 3 to 5 Act Structure (41 or more pages) $25.00 per page. For an example a 90 page script will cost you $2,250.00. This price consist of Library of Congress copyright registration, DeWitt Jones is titled as writer or co-writer. It will be an additional $1,500.00 to have DeWitt Jones removed as writer and remain a ghost writer. The script will be banded with a hard cover and on thick pages. 3 copies will be provided.


Teleplays: 60 minute episodes 4 Act Structure: $20 a page. 

Teleplays: 30 minute episodes 2 Act Structure: $20 a page


Webisodes:$35 for each 1 to 10 page script.  


Music Video Treatments: $150.00. If the dialogue needs to be scripted it will be an additional $50.00 which totals at $200.00 no more than 15 pages


If you have the writing bug and can write your own script but just need a professional to analyze your work then, DeWitt Jones can accommodate you.


Script Analysis: $150 (1-120 pages) $200 (121 or more pages) you will get a 2 page assessment of your script, recommendations, followed with references of work similar to your story. In the event you would like for DeWitt to make the edits for you, it will cost an additional $100.00 and your title remains as sole writer.



Payments are accepted through paypal, cash, credit/debit cards through paypal or check. All services must be paid in full before services are rendered.


On full length screenplays, teleplays: A non-refundable 50% of the projected price is due before services is started. This works as a deposit for startup costs to generate your script. Once the product is finished the remaining balance must be paid in full before getting your final draft.


On film shorts, webisode, music video treatments: Payment is due in full before services start.


Script Analysis: Payment is due in full. Once your assessment is given, and you want further edits, then the additional $100 must be paid in full before the edits commence.


Payments are accepted through paypal, cash, credit/debit cards through paypal, money order or check. All services must be paid in full or unless otherwise notated from Steel City Pictures before services are rendered. There is a $40 charge for returned checks. The $40 returned check fee plus the charge of your services must be paid in cash, money order, credit/debit cards through paypal before services begin.


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