Casting for the last segment "The Monster of Elmore Forest" of the Uncanny Apocalypse thriller is still casting. The character breakdowns, sides and synopsis of the film is on this site: Please do not send any video reels, video auditions of other films and or individual monologues unless it's part of the audition process addressed in the website instructions. To get quick consideration, doing a video audition of the sides on the site, is paramount. There is quite a bit of inquires, therefore any videos that are not followed by the selection process will not be viewed and will be disqualified. The screening window is open till further notice.

Uncanny Apocalypse

Uncanny Apocalypse is the cinematic anthology of the year. This film is the follow up to the innovative idea of DeWitt Jones’s first anthology “Uncanny” 2012. These three explosive stories about the strangest town in Americana, told by film directors DeWitt Jones and Bobby M Peoples Sr, brings more of the macabre of America’s weirdest town.


Uncanny Apocalypse is looking for production personnel, locations, and financing. For all those who are interested please send your inquiries to: