Night of the Jackals (2009)

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Three months has passed since wife Kera Moore has lost her husband to an violent abduction. The sins of her dark past as a assassin has came to collect more than blood. She discovers that betrayal is a sweeter dish than the evil the Jackals will unleash on her. Kera takes on the assistance of county homicide detective Rose Jones small time gangster Pino Jimenez Soto, and the heroics of an chemist from The Freedom Fighters Andy Miller on an all out blood bath of vengeance against The Jackals. How do you kill something that wants to die and can't? To own the DVD click this title Night of the Jackals

For Thy Love 2 (2009)


This thriller with strong Christian undertones stars Andre Congo, Jay Allen, Courtney Nichole Michael Howard, David Phillips, Renee' Warren-Peoples, Tarjatta Rose, Michael Gladden, Icis Ajee' and Jeannie Chait stars as citizens of a fictional strange town called Uncanny, located in a small rural part of Pennsylvania. This mysterious town takes it's residents through turmoil and chaos while many more try to find themselves home to reality. To own the DVD click this title Uncanny

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This urban tale focuses on the issue of the aggressor in a relationship. A thin line between sanity and insanity and an even thinner line when listening to voices in his head.

IMagine (2013)


IMagine is a cavernous psychological erotic murder mystery with twists and spins that force you to question your own imagination. Dr. Rachel Tuesday is a prominent well respected psychiatrist in the small town of Uncanny Pennsylvania. She has a loving husband, Donald Tuesday, alongside a sexually unstable marriage. However, when Dr. Tuesday discovers her patient, Carol, has a madness that is beyond her expertise she recommends her for further clinical help with a local mental hospital and drops Carol as a patient. In the event to protect Carol’s bond with Dr. Tuesday, she spirals out of control in a demented conquest to consume Dr. Tuesday’s life and her marriage. The only weapon Dr. Tuesday cannot combat are the weapons of Carol’s nefarious mind which resurrects a dark past that threatens Dr. Tuesday and her husband. As the mayhem unfolds, the only thing that Dr. Tuesday can count on is to race for the truth before evil imprisons and drowns her in the abyss of Carol’s madness.