Adulterer Russell Kelly sees his indiscretions shown on his brand new 4K Smart TV after it was worked on by an mysterious young woman technician from the electronic store. Russell is drawn into a storm of madness trying to protect his frustrated wife, Nancy from the TV images, investigating if the images are actually real, and to question his own sanity.


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Bobby M Peoples stars as Russell Kelly. Bobby Peoples is a producer, director, screenwriter, and actor. Some of his critically acclaimed films and television shows are Taboo, The Last Assignment, Flags on the Field, For Thy Love and For Thy Love II.

Nancy Kelly is played by Renee’ S. Warren Peoples. Renee’ S. Warren-Peoples is an actress, producer and director, known for such critically acclaimed Flags on the Field (2015), Chronicles of Passion (2011) and Money Power & Respect: The Series (2010).

HATTIE, an enigmatic woman technician in her mid-twenties. She has a strange uncanny quietness about her. She is slow to anger and slow to laugh.
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Dr. Seth Lucas is a black doctor and a year older than his sister Nancy. He is nurturing and protective of his younger sister.
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CARLA is Russell’s much younger air head floozy mistress. She is a pretty face, stunning body, and no foundations of self-esteem, wisdom, and or self-respect. This is why Russell desires her, because she is little to no intellectual challenge to him like Nancy is.
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